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What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do For You?
Peter DeHaan

By: Peter DeHaan on June 12th, 2017

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What Can a Virtual Receptionist Do For You?

Virtual Receptionists 101

Are you considering hiring a virtual receptionist? If you have a telephone, you will benefit by using one. Speaking of benefits, here is what you can expect to gain:

Answer Your Phone

Yes, a virtual receptionist will answer your phone. You already knew that. They will also take messages for you. This allows you to batch your callbacks and make them all in one block of time. This is the smart play.

But there’s one more thing they can do for you. And this may be new to you. They can also give out information to callers.

That means you have fewer calls to return. Let your receptionist know answers to commonly asked questions, and they’ll do the rest—so that you don’t have to.

Increase Your Efficiency

virtual-receptionist-efficiency.pngHaving a telephone answering receptionist handle your phone calls allows you to schedule blocks of uninterrupted time to work on projects or handle important tasks.

What’s your peak working time? For you it might be first thing in the day or right before lunch. Others find a burst of productive energy right before they go home.

Whatever your peak productivity time is, plan to use it for your most important work. Then let them answer your phone calls so you can apply yourself fully to your essential tasks.

Next, determine the slow part of your day, when it’s harder to concentrate. Block out that time to return routine phone calls. You’ll be glad you did. Both your efficiency and efficacy will benefit.

Improve Your Focus

focus-on-answering-your-phone.pngHow long does a phone call last? On average, about three minutes, though it might be more or it might be less, depending on the type of call and your communication preferences.

But the time from the first ring to saying goodbye isn’t the complete picture.

How much time does it take to regain your focus on your original task once the call ends? If you’re lucky, it’s only a couple minutes, perhaps five.

Yet studies show, it might take up to a half an hour before you fully reclaim your focus and resume your concentrated effort. Yet, what are the odds of a second call coming in before you can even get back into the zone?

Even worse is that sometimes you forever lose a key insight when the phone rings. This may be an indispensable realization that you never regain. Few calls are worth that amount of sacrifice.

Save You Time

time saving telephone answeringAs you increase your efficiency and improve your focus, a natural byproduct is saving time. And who can’t use more time?

You can use this found time to accomplish more. Attend to those pesky items on your to-do list that you never get to. Even better might be to use this extra time so you don’t have to work so late and can leave work a bit earlier.

Fetch Your Coffee

Coffee Virtual Receptionist

Nope. Sorry. A virtual receptionist can’t make you coffee or deliver it to you.

However, you'll have extra time to get your own coffee and the luxury to enjoy it too.

Though a virtual telephone receptionist will answer your phone, give out information, and take messages, the bonus outcomes are many. With a virtual receptionist you can also expect to increase efficiency, improve focus, and save time.

So get your virtual receptionist today. Then sit back and savor your favorite cup of coffee.

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