Call Center Quality

If you’ve been Googling call centers, you’ve probably found no shortage of companies touting their call center quality  and ‘award winning service.’

Call center quality award telephone answering service ATSI 2016
Receiving the 2016 ATSI Award of Excellence.

Ambs Call Center also offers award-winning answering service, as you might have guessed. However, our reasons for participating in excellence programs isn’t for a trophy or a nice logo to put on our website.

Get to Know Ambs Call Center

The reason we participate is because our quest for improving quality never ends. We always want to be held to a higher standard. While we have a dedicated quality department that does a great job coaching our team, we also want outside perspective and feedback.

We participate in the ATSI and Cam-X award of excellence programs. These programs make random “secret shopper” calls over a six-month period and rate the experience on several key performance indicators that make an excellent customer service experience for the caller.ATSICAM-X 2015 Award of Excellence