answering service pricing

Answering Service Pricing

Friendly and professional people ready to answer your phones 24/7. Proven quality at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire.

250 minutes answering service plan

250 Minutes

Perfect for busy companies who need 24/7 coverage and receive 4+ calls each day.

$295 / month

Excess minutes are $1.12 each.

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500 minute answering service plan

500 Minutes

The most popular plan if you receive 10+ calls per day and never want to miss a call.

$549 / month

Excess minutes are $1.11 each.

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1000 minute answering service plan

1,000 Minutes

Ideal if you receive 20+ calls per day and want to capture more business.

$1,075 / month

Excess minutes are $1.10 each.

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2500 minute answering service plan

2,500 Minutes

Great for growing business with many important calls that can't be missed.

$2,675 / month

Excess minutes are $1.09 each

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high volume answering service pricing

2,500+ Minutes

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All Answering Service Plans Include:

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How We Charge for Answering Services

We make our pricing simple. You are charged for the time we spend working for you. This is known in the answering service industry as work time. The time is tracked in 30-second increments. You can reduce your costs by using our two-way text messaging, email response, myAmbs web portal, and our free Voicemail Prescreen.

Most of our competitors will send you 13 invoices a year (28-day billing). Ambs Call Center only bills monthly. Meaning, just 12 invoices per year.  Plus, there are no holiday charges, taxes, or fees. We have a one-time $85 charge for our standard setup.

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Which Phone Answering Plan is Right for Me?

You’re likely now curious as to which answering service plan makes the most sense for you business. If you’re new to working with Ambs, we will help you make our recommendations on plans that make the most sense for your business model. If that plan ends up not covering the phone minutes or features you wanted to capture, don’t worry! You can change your plan at anytime.

Our call center team tracks and monitors your usage for the first three months we work together. After that analysis is complete, we’ll make a recommendation of which phone service makes the most sense for you.

If there is a better plan for you, we’ll make sure you have that information. There's no sense in staying on a plan that isn't right for you. If your business has seasonal variations we can match the plan to your peak and off-peak times.

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Answering Service Options

Add additional value with our enhanced answering service options. Each one can be customized to meet your business' needs. 

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Here’s What Some of Our Customers Have to Say:

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Friendly and professional people ready to answer your phones 24/7. Proven quality at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire.

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