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Answering Service API Integration

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Benefits of Using an API

Our API integration lets you connect the systems you use to our answering service software. This allows us to feed data and new records into your software. API integration is easy to set up, all at a price point that makes sense.

The API integration feeds data to your software. It will not download or edit any records in your database.

Here are some great uses for Answering Service API Integration:

  • Creating new contacts in your CRM software - Hubspot, SalesForce, and Zoho are popular examples.
  • Open a ticket in your helpdesk software - FreshDesk, ZenDesk, ServiceNow, Spiceworks, and more.
  • Data Visualization - Get clarity with custom reports to uncover hidden insights in your data using data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Frequently Asked Questions About API



What type of API Protocol do you use?

Our API based on the very popular REST (representational state transfer) API architecture. It is web based using JSON/JSON-RPC.

  • Client-server architecture - the interface is separated from the backend and data storage. This allows for flexibility, and for different components to evolve independent of each other.
  • Statelessness - no client context is stored on the server between requests.
  • Cacheability - clients can cache responses, so a REST API response must explicitly state whether it can be cached or not.
  • Layered system - the API will work whether it is communicating directly with a server, or through an intermediary such as a load balancer.

How does the answering service API work?

A software program will send an HTTP request to the CMC REST API with credentials. If authenticated, the API will send a token back to the program to be used for subsequent transactions until the token expires.

Then, the software program will request some data and receive the requested information.

How much does the API connection cost?

It is reasonably priced at only $25 per month.

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