QGenda Integration at Ambs Call Center

QGenda Answering Service Integration

QGenda Integration

Ambs Call Center’s web on-call scheduler syncs with Qgenda giving your team real-time access to view, create, and update your on-call coverage without using the MyAmbs Web Portal or contacting support. You’ll never have to email, fax, or call in on-call changes to the answering service ever again!


How Qgenda Integration Works

QGenda On-Call is a centralized on-call provider scheduling solution that integrates with Ambs Call Center.

Your QGenda on-call schedule automatically syncs with your account. This ensures that the right provider can be reached every time.

  • Up to Date On-Call Schedules - QGenda syncs continuously so we always have your current on-call status.
  • Save time - No need to send on-call changes to us. QGenda has it covered!
  • Reduce costs - QGenda eliminates the need for us to make changes for you.

QGenda On-Call integration has a positive impact on patient access, safety, and outcomes.

How to Get Started with Qgenda Schedule Syncing

What is needed from QGenda for each OnCall Schedule?

QGenda will configure the OnCall Schedules within QGenda and provide you with the following information to share with us. We will need information for each schedule you want to have synced with Ambs Call Center:  

  • Your API account name/user provided by Qgenda. It is typically formatted like an email address.
  • Your API PassKey associated with the QGenda Schedule. This is provided to you by Qgenda. It varies in length and content. 
  • Your QGenda API Account Code. This is provided to you by Qgenda and is typically a 36‐character long Alpha Numeric code.

How much does QGenda OnCall Calendar integration cost?

The cost to sync your calendar is only $25 per month.

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