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Employee Reporting and Absence Management Services

Let's take the headache out of tracking employee absences, forecasting production, and maintaining documentation.

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Why Ambs Call Center

Why do I Need an Employee Reporting Service?

Every organization has absent employees, but not every organization has a reporting process in place to manage those absences, and the effect they have on production. Employees should only need to make one phone call to update management, and managers should be able to see employee attendance at-a-glance, in real time.

Clear Procedure

With a call off service, employees can call one number, speak to an actual person and share clear details about what’s happening and how long they think they’ll be out.

Increased Time Management

Managers hate wondering where missing employee are and how much time they waste tracking down the story.

Maintain Accurate Paperwork

Data on employee absences collected from a call off service is able to stay together, rather than various sticky notes or emails whenever that employee calls in sick.


How an Employee Reporting Service Works

Step One: Employees call a dedicated telephone number to report that they will be late or absent for work. A call center agent at Ambs Call Center answers using your company name and gathers the specific information you need (employee name, shift, reason for absence, etc.). A unique confirmation number can even be assigned to each caller for tracking purposes.

Step Two: Our absence management system time- and date-stamps the call, inserts the telephone number the employee called from, and records the conversation.

Step Three: Daily reports via email, text, fax, and our secure HR web portal provide detailed tracking and for your records. Our agents can even make arrangements for a replacement, or immediately relay the call off information to a shift supervisor.

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Invaluable Assistance in Employee Conflicts

If there is one thing that everyone knows in human resources, it is the importance of proper documentation.

When an employee calls in, they are conversationally asked a series of questions that are customized to your specifications. Based on their responses, follow up questions can be asked to gather additional information. A good example of when this would happen is if the employee is requesting FMLA leave. Our agents complete this via a conversation, not an interrogation, so it feels easy and natural for your employees.

In addition to the information gathered on the call, the audio of the conversation is also recorded, and accessible via our secure web portal. This eliminates any guesswork about the content of the call. It’s great to have that type of backup should there be any future dispute.

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Better Documentation = Better Compliance

“I tried to call and couldn’t get through.”

“I left a message with someone but don’t remember who.”

These excuses won't cut it if you have a clear employee reporting system in place. This benefits the employee by offering usefulness and protection. Rather than hoping someone gets their message in time, the sick employee notifying the call off service will be assured that their message will reach the right person and receive a confirmation number.

If a manager ever has questions or forgets that the employee called in sick, all the employee has to do is produce the number or search online.

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Real-Time Absence Management Tools for Your HR and Operations Teams

"Ambs Call Center allows our supervisors and management to be instantly aware of manning issues that we may have in production on any given day."
Federal Mogul
"Our supervisors really like knowing in real-time what their shift staffing is going to look like. The HR dashboard is great tool that we have come to depend on."
Continental Tire
"Using Ambs Call Center's employee call off service saved our HR team time and improved our operational efficiency."
GE employee call off service
General Electric

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Our employee call off service will take the headache out of managing employee absences.