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Employee Call Off Hotline

Boost your team's efficiency effortlessly with our easy-to-use call-off hotline. It's a simple way to keep track of who's in and who's out, saving you time and hassle.

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Why Do I Need an Employee Call Off Hotline?

Every organization has absent employees, but not every organization has a reporting process in place to manage those absences, and the effect they have on production. This is where an employee call-off hotline makes a positive difference. Employees should only need to make one phone call to update management, and managers should be able to see employee attendance at-a-glance, in real-time.

How Employee Reporting Service Works

How an Employee Reporting Service Works

Step One

Employees call a dedicated telephone number to report they will be late or absent from work. If desired a pre-recorded announcement for inclement weather, plant closing, etc. can be added.

A call center agent at Ambs answers using your company name and gathers the specific information you need (employee name, shift, the reason for absence, etc.).

A unique confirmation number can even be assigned to each caller for tracking purposes if you’d like.

Step Two

Our absence management system creates a time and date stamp for the call inserts the telephone number the employee called from and records the conversation. You can use the employee reporting software this information is inputted into to monitor the results of each call our team engages with.

Step Three

Access reports daily via email, text, fax, or directly on the secure HR web portal. These reports include detailed tracking for your records. Our agents can immediately relay the call-off information to a shift supervisor so they can determine the next steps themselves.

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Invaluable Assistance in Employee Conflicts

If there is one thing that everyone in your HR Department knows, it’s the importance of proper documentation.

When one of the professionals at Ambs Call Center answers a phone call from an employee who is calling in, they conversationally ask a series of questions that are customized to your specifications. Based on the employee’s responses, follow-up questions can be asked to gather additional information as needed.

A good example of when this would happen is if the employee is requesting FMLA leave. Our agents use a conversational tone on the phone, as opposed to one that could be perceived as an interrogation. This way, your employees don’t feel threatened with the steps needed to process their request.

In addition to the information gathered on the call, the audio of the conversation is also recorded and accessible via our secure web portal. This eliminates any guesswork about the content of the call. It’s great to have that type of backup should there be any future dispute.

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Increase Accountability and Compliance

“I tried to call and couldn’t get through.” 

“I left a message with someone, but don’t remember who.”

These excuses won't work if you have a clear employee reporting system in place. This benefits your employee by offering accountability, documentation, and protection. Rather than hoping someone gets their message in time, the employee who is calling out sick will be assured their message reaches the right person if you’re using Ambs Call Center to track employee attendance reporting.

We can even provide them with a reference number for their records. If you ever have questions, or accidentally forget your employee called in sick, they’ll have the confidence to produce their confirmation number and jog your memory. You can then pull the record and recording from the secure web portal to be sure.

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