ADP Integration with Ambs Call Center

ADP Call Off Hotline Integration

Data Exchange for Your Call Off Hotline

ADP Integration with Ambs Call Center

How ADP Data Exchange Works

Having an up-to-date employee roster is critically important. It ensures proper documentation for employee call-offs. Ambs Call Center offers a manual employee roster import option via our myAmbs web portal.

However, those using ADP can take advantage of automatic data exchange.

  • Accurate and up-to-date employee roster.
  • Ensures that the right supervisors get notified of their missing team members.
  • Receive call-off data back from Ambs Call Center to import into ADP or other software for reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who coordinates the setting up the data exchange?

The coordination of the ADP data exchange will be handled by Ambs Call Center’s technical team and your IT resource.

How much does ADP Call Off Hotline integration cost?

A data feed integration with ADP has a one-time investment of $500 and then $25 per month. 

How is the data exchanged?

Most typically, the data exchange is done via  Microsoft Azure SFTP. However, Ambs Call Center supports other methods of data exchange such as our API.  Let's have a conversation to determine best option for your organization.

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