Acuity Scheduling Integration with Ambs Call Center

Acuity Scheduling Integration

Acuity Scheduling Integration


How Acuity Scheduling Works

Take the hassle out of scheduling appointments with Acuity Scheduling answering service integration. Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software.

It allows our telephone agents to schedule appointments for you 24/7. It also eliminates the game of phone tag for you.

You can use Acuity Scheduling as your primary scheduling tool or have it sync with yours. There are two types of ways Acuity syncs with your Office365, Google, or iCloud calendars:

  • One-way sync - Acuity appointments get added to your outside calendar. This option doesn't check for availability.
  • Two-way sync - Acuity appointments get added to your outside calendar if you're free. Your schedule availability syncs with Acuity to avoid double booking.

We recommend two-way sync.

The calendar is set up based on your preferences, appointment type, and availability. You can also factor in buffer time for travel between appointments.

Appointment can have different lengths based on type. They can also be scheduled by individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acuity Scheduling

How much does Acuity cost?

We charge $35 per calendar on your  monthly Ambs Call Center bill.

What calendars does Acuity sync with?

Acuity syncs with calendars from Google, iCloud, and Office 365.

What if I already use Acuity?

If you already use Acuity or plan to set up your own Acuity account there is no extra charge. Simply pick an answering service plan that works best for your needs.

Am I charged for emailed meeting reminders?

No. During the onboarding process, you may customize the automatic appointment reminders which are sent to your clients via email. This service is complimentary and doesn't use work-time. 

Can my clients book appointments on my website?

Yes. Ambs Call Center can provide your team with a link or embed code for your Acuity calendar. This will allow your customers to book right from your website.

Can Acuity take payments?

Yes. Acuity can process payments through integrations with PayPal, Stripe, or Square. You will need to set up your calendar directly with Acuity to do so.

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