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Provide peace of mind to the pet owners you serve that their calls will be answered 24/7/365.

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We will answer calls 24/7/365 with respect and compassion; and endeavor to make a great impression with every call.

If you run or work at a veterinary hospital, it’s most likely because caring for animals is something that’s very important to you.

Treating animals is a 24 hour job though. You never know what the family dog will swallow or when they will do it, so it’s important to works with a company that can help provide 24 hour answers or reach you for emergencies.

When emergencies strike, pet owners won’t wait until you’re open the next day. They’ll likely search for “on call vets near me” or “veterinary receptionist near me” and go with who pops up first. If you don’t have a way to field calls at any time of day or night, that won’t be you. That’s where Ambs Call Center comes in.  

Our answering service best practice recommendations were created after years of partnership with veterinarians that specialize in small, large, exotic animals and equines. 

We also work with large and small veterinary clinics, and support veterinary medicine programs at universities and colleges.

Benefits of Using Ambs Call Center for Your Veterinary Clinic

How Our Veterinary Answering Service Works

How Our Veterinary Answering Service Works

We work with veterinarians at all levels - from small practices that focus mainly on dogs and cats, veterinary schools and colleges of veterinary medicine, and all the way up to veterinarians who specialize in treating exotic animals. Through years of partnership, we have developed best practices that allows us to offer custom solutions and accommodate your needs.

Whether you’re a small veterinary clinic or a full service pet hospital, there are going to be times when you can’t answer the phone. Making sure your phones get answered is a critical part of ensuring your customers’ needs are met.

Our professional team of call center agents will answer all calls and treat your customers with respect and compassion, while offering exceptional customer service. That way, you get to focus on superior veterinary care, while we take care of appointment scheduling, answering after hours, and message delivery.

Setting up your answering service with Ambs Call Center is easy to do. We can screen phone calls based on the type of call that they are, and who is calling.

For example, pets that have an urgent medical need can immediately be sent to the on-call veterinarian. However, calls about boarding or scheduling a pet checkup can be emailed to you when your clinic opens. Our team will screen requests based on their urgency and make sure that the right message gets to you at the right time.


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Customized Veterinarian Answering Service

Customized Veterinarian Answering Service

Setting up your answering service with Ambs Call Center is easy! We can tailor our services to meet your needs. We’ll screen your calls, and take action based on the type of call, and the person making the call. From there, you can use the information we gather to work with your customer to diagnose and treat their animal.

For example, if the caller has an emergency, we can patch them directly to the on-call veterinarian on staff. If the call is more administrative or routine in nature, such as setting up annual check-ups, or medication refills, we can email you the messages to be addressed during business hours. Our team is prepared to screen all requests based on urgency and make sure that you get the messages at the right time.

All phone answering options are customized seamlessly and integrate into your veterinary clinic’s daily workflow. We want to make your life easier. Because of this, we build all of our call handling instructions and message delivery options to cater to your needs. We also recommend the use of the myAmbs Web Portal. It gives you real-time access to your messages, on-call schedule, call reports, and information updates. Access to the portal is free to use when you sign up with us!


Customized Veterinarian Answering Service

Benefits of Using Ambs Call Center for Your Live Veterinary Answering Service

“Ambs Call Center has provided telephone answering services to MSU Veterinarian Hospital for many years. Throughout our business relationship they have provided us with an exceptionally reliable solution to our after hours needs.”


msu-college-of-vet-medicineLisa J. Reed, MPA
MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

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