myAmbs Client Web Portal

myAmbs Client Web Portal is a real-time portal suite of call center online features allowing for client call tracking

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A Real-time Dashboard for Your Success

Is your schedule too hectic to manage day-to-day administrative tasks? Do you need a professional and customer-focused organization to manage basic tasks like answering phones and relaying important information?

Working with Ambs Call Center will allow you to focus on your primary responsibilities and leave everything else to our reliable US-based customer service organization. To further make your work life easier, we have a web-based suite of features called myAmbs Client Web Portal for you to use.

Answering Service Message Retrieval

Every message our team of client call agents gets recorded. With Message Retrieval, you’re able to view and read every message, and take appropriate actions based on the caller’s needs.

Features Include:

  • Powerful search feature that lets you search for specific information within seconds such as caller name, cell phone data, and full documentation taken to relay the message to your staff.
  • Answering service audit trail that shows all texts, pages to a medical alert device, phone calls, and e-mail documentation for each call answered.

Message Retrieval

Answering Service Message Retrieval


Web On-Call Scheduling Made Easy

Since the team at Ambs Call Center is available for your customers outside of your regular hours of operation, it’s important to let us know who’s on-call to accept calls that need to be escalated.

Our Web On-Call scheduling feature makes setting your on-call schedule quick and easy! You can fill out your entire month of coverage in a matter of seconds. It can even instantly accommodate last-minute changes to you or your staff’s schedule.

Avoid your schedule being temporarily down for maintenance from now on because you can update it instantly! Plus, it’s easily shareable with your entire organization so everyone is aware of your on-call status.

Web On-Call Scheduling


Listen to Your Call Recordings

Listen to incoming and outgoing calls that are received by our call center. This feature is a great way to hear the tone of the caller's voice.

It is also helpful if you need to verify information such as a customer approving the after-hour service call at overtime rates. 

You can listen, download and email the call recordings. A powerful search feature also allows you to search by time/date, duration, caller ID, person, and incoming or outgoing call.

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recording phone calls

Rally the Troops with the Contact App

Ambs Call Center’s contact app gives you the power to instantly send messages to any member of your team. You can also send messages to many staff at once by a variety of methods such as text, encrypted text messages, email, phone, and fax. It’s a great communication tool that gets information into the hands of people that need it, fast!




View and Update Contact Information

Need to find a phone number for a member of your team? You can look it up in your staff directory. Need to update your answering service information? No problem.

Changes can be made easily to make sure we have up to date information.


Appointment Scheduling

Ambs Call Center’s Appointment Scheduling service gives you the ability to have appointments scheduled for your business 24/7.

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Web Directory

The Web Directory feature gives you secure, real-time access to database records of information gathered by Ambs Call Center, as well as customer databases you’ve provided to our team to help manage your calls.

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answering service message database

Realtime Call Reporting

Real-Time Reporting allows you instant access to insights into service levels and call volume patterns for your organization. You can also review information that our answering service is using to handle your calls.

Want to read more about how answering services work? Click the link below to learn more!

Answering Service Guide


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