answering service message documentation

Answering Service Message Documentation

An explanation of the message documentation when reading your reports

How to Understand Message Documentation

When reading your messages and information taken by the answering service, you will notice an area underneath the form information called 'Activities'. This documentation shows you what steps actions were taken with escalating or delivering the information to you. The most common form activity definitions are shown below. Side note: If you do not wish to see the activity documentation, our customer service team can turn that part off for you.

Message Activity Definitions

Auto Script – The preset dispatch escalation has started

EM Email OK – Email has been sent successfully

EM Email Fail – The email has failed

SM SMS Submit Success – SMS Text message has been sent

SM SMS Submit  FAIL: Invalid route for SMS address This means the mobile number is incorrect or no longer in service

SM SMS Ok – SMS Text message has successfully been accepted by the SMS Server

CLIENT SMS – SMS User has responded to an SMS message

GET PHONE ACTN – A to-do has presented to a dispatcher to make a phone call out

DIAL – phone call has been attempted

TP FAX OK – Fax has been delivered successfully

EDIT – agent has edited the message to add documentation

Short/Secure Message/Gateway Message – Secure message has been sent

SMP SUBMIT OK – Secure message has been submitted to the Startel SM+ User

SMP Plus Server Confirmation – Secure message has been accepted by the Startel SM+ server

SMP Downloaded to – Startel SM+ secure message has been downloaded to the recipient’s device

SMP File From – The Startel SM+ secure message user has filed the message (stopped the escalation)

SMP Viewed from – The Startel SM+ secure message user has viewed the message from the secure app

SMG Secure Submit : OK – Secure message has been sent out to the secure app successfully

SMG Secure Message Status: New – The secure message has been sent as a new message to the app provider

SMG Secure Message Status: Delivered – The secure message has been successfully delivered to the user’s phone

SMG Secure Message Status: Read – The secure message has been read by the user

AP PAGE OK  – alphanumeric (text) page has been sent

DP DIGI PAGE OK – numeric page has been sent

REVERSE SAVE – pre-determined form prompts have been saved to a directory