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Telephone Answering Service Designed for Your Customer’s Experience

Your business is our business and that means our entire staff is trained to provide our collective customers with the experience they’ve come to expect from you.

Comparing Top Answering Services?

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24/7 Live Answering Service

It’s a mom at 3 am with a child with a fever, your long-time client who has a critical emergency and needs your help,  a prospect who went dark for weeks - your company's phone ringing can mean any number of things.  But one thing is sure, Ambs Call Center will always answer.

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Never Miss a Call Again

Our live telephone answering service can schedule appointments for you, take messages, answer frequently asked questions, and route calls to your team as needed.

Appointment Scheduling

Take Messages

Connect Callers to Your Team

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A Process Built for Customers First and You Second

We unapologetically believe that our first customer is actually your customer. If we do our job and provide excellent customer service for your customers, then we did our job in supporting your company. We also believe there is more to experience than years; with Ambs, you’ll find a partner who has created a foundation of best practices that are proven to:

    • Ensure that your customers have an exceptional call experience
    • You and your team get the information you need to succeed

During our proven on-boarding process, we will together define your objectives and goals. We ask every question necessary to make sure you don’t just get what you’re asking for, but what you need. Then, through our practice calls, we tailor your customer’s call experience and outline the optimal call flow.

You know what your callers will experience every step of the way, because you helped design it.

live call answering service
Shared Recommendations Specific to Your Needs

Shared Recommendations Specific to Your Needs

In order to measure your level of success, we track internal metrics and analyze what processes and call flows are working best. With this insight, we recommend how you can improve your customer service experience and maximize your investment.

Most importantly, we’ll help you find the right balance between gathering information from your callers and providing them the experience they want.

And we’ll also help you improve your sales processes to turn leads into new business. That means everything from helping you avoid common mistakes to delivering leads to your sales team with the utmost efficiency.

Real, Actionable Business Intelligence

Real, Actionable Business Intelligence

Learn more about your customers and measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns with comprehensive record keeping and reporting. Are prospects calling because they saw your Facebook ads? Is no one responding to your mailers? With Ambs, you won’t have to guess.

You also have the power to choose how you access your data – Do you want real-time reports? Do you want access to raw data? Do you want to listen to the calls themselves? We can even feed data right into your CRM software. The choice is yours – So is the intel.

And we’ll even deliver leads to your sales team in real-time over:

  • SMS and secure text messaging
  • Standard or encrypted email
  • Our web portal
  • Direct-connect patching
  • And more

A Better Customer Experience

"Easily the best medical answering service that we’ve ever used. Friendly people that follow directions and treat our patients and staff with kindness and respect. The doctors love using the secure messaging app too!"
Lisa Kutskill
Pediatric Clinic, P.C.
"In our line of business, answering the phone is critical to success. With Ambs CallCenter, we never need to worry about missing calls or new business. They have us covered 24/7."
Charlie Dunigan customer testimonial answering service
Charlie Dunigan
North-Ply Contracting Co.
"The team at Ambs has been fantastic to work with. As our business grew from a small business to an IT leader in the Midwest, we needed a partner that could scale with us and provide support and back end operational excellence. We found that it in Ambs!"
Answering service testimonial ASK
Mike Maddox

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