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We're More Than Just a
Virtual Receptionist

Your success is a product of exceptional service and client insight. With Ambs, you have partner that delivers both.

Friendly People Answering Your Phones 24/7

Every time a client calls, you’re presented an opportunity. Will you meet their needs and make a lasting impression? Our friendly virtual receptionists make sure your phones are always answered. 

We’re your on-demand receptionists, as if we’re sitting in the next room. You can focus on growing your business. And when clients call, we’ll:

Christine Callis
Christine Callis
Eastpointe Family Physicians
AMBS has been our answering service for 15+ years and has always done a great job. I also like the fact that they continue to enhance their technology which has made our providers happy! Thank you and keep up the great work.

Superior Service Meets Invaluable Insight

Surely you want a virtual receptionist to make sure there’s always someone to answer when clients call. But the right virtual receptionist can make a lasting impact on your business.

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How Virtual Receptionist Service Works

Free up your time to focus on getting work done instead of being tied to the phone by using a virtual receptionist. Our cheerful receptionists will make sure your phones are covered so you can focus on working on your business and not in it. Think of our us as your friendly staff on demand.

  • Call forward your existing telephone number (or use ours) to a local or toll-free number.
  • Our live virtual receptionists answer with a smile in your company name.
  • We’ll assist your callers by answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments, and providing information.
  • Your calls are transferred and messages delivered based on your personal preferences.
  • Depending on the type of call, our virtual receptionist can follow specialized instructions.

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how virtual receptionist service works

Virtual Receptionist Features

Call Transferring

You pick how you would like us to connect callers to you: 

  • Warm Transfer—Our live receptionist announces who is calling before connecting them to you.
  • Meet-Me Transfer—We’ll text you the caller’s name along with a bridge number that connects you to the caller.
  • Blind Transfer—Calls are transferred without caller.

Appointment Scheduling

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to schedule appointments! We can schedule appointments for you 24/7 using our online appointment scheduling software.

Personal Voice Mail

Our receptionists can offer callers the option to leave a message in your voice mailbox. You'll receive a text and a copy of the message in your email. 

Update Your Status On the Go

Change call routing instructions in real-time using our web on-call app. It’s a great tool that ensures the right person gets the call every time.

Virtual Fax

If you need a fax number but don’t want the expense of a dedicated line, our virtual fax mail service take your incoming faxes and send them to you as an email attachment.

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virtual receptionist service features

Guidance Tailored to Your Business

To measure your success, we track internal metrics and analyze what processes and call flows are most successful. Our insight will help you find the right balance between gathering information and delivering a call experience your clients expect. And we’ll make recommendations to help you enhance this experience and maximize your investment in us.

But you often need more than a basic virtual receptionist. We’ll help you streamline your sales processes to turn sales leads into new clients. Our guidance will help you avoid common mistakes and deliver leads to your sales team with the absolute efficiency.

Our Proven Process

Live Virtual Receptionists Tailored to Your Business

A Framework Designed For Your Clients’ Needs First

Experience is about more than years of service. You want a partner that’s built a foundation of best practices. And Ambs ensures that:

  • Your clients have an exceptional call experience
  • You collect the data you need to grow your business

Your success is the product of a strategic onboarding process. First, we’ll define your objectives. Then we’ll work together to determine what information you truly need. Lastly, we’ll walk you through practice calls to assess your caller’s experience and map out the best call flow.

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Experienced Virtual Receptionists

Plant Seeds of Growth with Business Intelligence

Discover more about your clients and assess the return on your marketing initiatives with extensive record keeping and reporting. Are prospects responding to your LinkedIn ads? Are few calls coming from your direct mail campaign? With Ambs Call Center, you’ll know where your marketing dollars are best spent.

You can also choose how to access your data – Do you want to access raw data? Do you prefer real-time reports? Do you want us to feed data right into your CRM software? You can even listen to specific calls yourself. The choice is yours – So is the intel.

We’ll even deliver leads to your sales team in real-time over:

  • SMS and secure text messaging
  • Standard or encrypted email
  • Our web portal
  • Direct-connect patching
  • More

How We Stay Connected

Virtual Receptionist Services

Your Industry is Our Expertise

Ambs Call Center provides live virtual receptionist services to companies of all kinds and sizes – from the Fortune 500 to family-owned businesses like ours.

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