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Family Owned Telephone Answering Service



Engaged and Committed to Your Happiness

Part of what makes us a successful telephone answering service is the work ethic that’s inherent in a family-owned and operated business.

To us, it’s not just a job, it’s a point of pride. Our goal is to deliver the best quality answering service and call center solutions in North America. Period. We've been at it since 1932.


Family owned telephone answering serviceAaron Boatin, Richard (ret.), Andrew & Ryan Ambs

It’s About Passion, Not a Paycheck

We think that our passion comes through in the way we deliver service to our clients. But, we invest into a lot of behind-the-scenes things that a client never sees, which few other companies do.

To us, small things matter. These small things add up to the uniqueness that is Ambs Call Center. It shines through in the attitude and quality that we put forth for our customers, day in and day out.

A Word About the Telephone Answering Service Industry

Telephone answering service companies have been going through a lot of consolidation lately. Several of our friendly competitors that we’ve known for years are being acquired and merged.

Most of the new owners are publicly traded companies or venture capital firms. Time will tell what that means for customers.

So far the news isn’t good from their former customers. We’re hearing that the call centers end up losing the little things that made them special in the first place. Namely, the team of people who built the company from the ground up with lots of  blood, sweat, and tears.

Since 1932, our focus has been on our customers, not shareholders. If you value quality like we do, we hope you’ll consider working with us.

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