Satisfied Clients

We’re passionate about making a positive difference in our customers’ lives. Our clients often tell us how we’re fulfilling our mission. Many of them refer their friends and colleagues to us.  Their stories fuel our passion. We’d love to make an impact for you too.

“The Team at Michigan CAT has relied on Ambs Call Center for years to provide our customers with best-in-class parts, service, and rental equipment coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We have been extremely satisfied with Ambs Service, and we look forward to working with Ambs for many years to come.” —Joe Fimbinger, Rental Manager

“One of my best business decisions was working with Ambs!” —Dr. Linda Friedman

“Ambs Call Center has provided medical center services to the MSU HealthTeam for a number of years. The company is easy to work with and flexible in meeting our needs.” —Michigan State University

“The service that Ambs provides allows our supervisors and management to be instantly aware of manning issues that we may have in production on any given day. We used to manage employee call-offs on our own, but this was cumbersome and was not documented well enough to make the company or the employee feel comfortable. Once we started using Ambs, our employees took to it quickly and management embraced the idea of simply checking their email for call-offs and managing their manpower appropriately.” —Federal Mogul

“Ambs Call Center has been exceptional in providing a top-notch customer service experience for our current and prospective clients.” —Cadillac


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