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Ambs Call Center Testimonials

Your business deserves an answering service that has experience, offers a good, reliable service, and has plenty of satisfied customers. Let's take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their experience working with us.


How Our Core Values Drive Your Success

If you Googled "best answering service", there's no shortage of companies that would show up in your search results. A lot of them have been around the block and are run by good people providing a reliable service.

So, how do you differentiate our company from the other answering services?

Other than being one of the oldest running answering services in the country and a family-owned answering service, what you might find different about us is that we go the extra mile to make sure that the answering service quality you receive is independently verified - always. 

And because we are a family-owned answering service, we value each and every business we get. That means that our success is tied to yours. And this drive that we have to excel together comes from us putting in the work to uphold our core values:

  • We Inspire and Help Each Other with our Work Ethic
  • We Act with Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Fairness to All
  • We are Committed to Quality

What Our Customers Say About Working With Us

We count ourselves lucky to be able to serve some of the best businesses by being their answering service partner. The answering service awards won by Ambs Call Center would not be possible without our customers who trust us to answer on behalf of their business. Here's a few testimonials and reviews from our customers:

Why Should You Work With Us?

Our goal at Ambs Call Center is to provide your business with an answering service that engages your customers. captures your leads, and takes the workload off your hands. We're a family-owned answering service so we answer to you and not investors. We've also been taking calls since 1932 so you wouldn't have to worry about whether we're familiar with your industry and the types of calls you receive.

How to Get Your Answering Service Started

It's actually a really fast and straightforward process. We usually tell our onboarding clients that it takes less than 5 business days for us to have you fully up and running with an answering service - it's part of our proven process. That being said, we take no interest in rushing our prospects to make a decision as finding an answering service partner for the long-term requires time and real consideration. If you do end up deciding to work with Ambs Call Center though, it's as easy as the three step process below!

How Can Our Answering Service Help Your Business?

When you work with us, you can be sure that the experience you receive is always tailored by and for your business' needs.