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HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

The way Electronic Protected Health Information is handled is crucial for your medical practice. Ambs Call Center's HIPAA compliant answering service makes sure you're compliant.

hipaa compliant phone answering service

HIPAA Compliant Phone Answering Service

For those in the healthcare industry, meeting the privacy expectations of HIPAA is a primary concern, both legally and ethically. A HIPAA compliant phone answering service is critical.

At Ambs Call Center, we share your concern and have taken extra measures to go beyond the standard expectations of securing your patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information).

We stand behind you, the CE (covered entity), as your trustworthy BA (business associate) to ensure you’re in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

A Better Patient Experience

“Easily the best medical answering service that we’ve ever used. Friendly people that follow directions and treat our patients and staff with kindness and respect. The doctors love using the secure messaging app too!”

Lisa Kutskill 
Pediatric Clinic, P.C.

Why Ambs Call Center's Medical Answering Service

As your call center fiduciary, we take every step to make sure you meet HIPAA requirements and your patients’ expectations in the way we answer patient calls, handle information, and send data to you.

Not every medical answering service can say this, but Ambs Call Center can.

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Third Party HIPAA Compliance Audits

Your medical practice deserves the highest level of patient care. We ensure patient confidentiality by hiring a third party HIPAA auditor to keep our processes secure. Here's why our medical answering service's HIPAA compliance benefits you:

  • Employee Training: Every member of our team undergoes comprehensive training in HIPAA regulations to maintain privacy and avoid security policy violations.
  • Access Control: Only authorized members have access to your patients information to prevent unauthorized sharing of PHI.
  • Data Encryption: We encrypt patient information during transmission and store it from unauthorized access to prevent any data breaches.
  • Secure Communication Channels: All communications are made through secure channels, such as encrypted emails and messaging platforms, to prevent interception of PHI.
  • Risk Assessment: We conduct regular risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and address them promptly to mitigate risks potentially resulting in compliance failures.
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs):  We ensure that appropriate BAAs are in place with any third-party vendors or subcontractors who handles your PHI on behalf of our medical answering service.
  • Physical Security: We implement measures to secure physical access to facilities and equipment where your medical practice's PHI is stored or processed.
  • Policies and Procedures: We have comprehensive policies and procedures in place for handling your medical practice's PHI, including protocols for data access, storage, and disposal.
Secure Text Messaging

Secure Text Messaging

Texting is easy, ubiquitous, and unsecure. No one should ever send PHI in an unsecured text, yet too many call centers disregard this critical requirement and subject themselves to a serious point of failure.

With  secure text messaging, text messages and attachments are encrypted when they are in transit (“data in motion”) and when they’re at rest on devices (“data at rest”). Messages can even be set to expire after a preset time or condition for added security. If a device is lost or stolen, your authorized admins can remotely erase secured messages.

You can depend on it, just as you rely on us.

HIPAA compliant text messaging

Encrypted Data at Rest

In information technology jargon, “data at rest” refers to digital information as it resides in a storage medium, regardless of the form or format it takes, such as databases, spreadsheets, archives, long-term storage media, and off-site backups. Data at rest also refers to information sitting on mobile devices.

Ambs Call Center encrypts all data under our control when it’s at rest. And, by using our secure messaging plus platform, the information we send to users’ mobile devices is also secure.


Secure Web Portal

The myAmbs Web Portal gives healthcare organizations confident and secure access to an array of powerful applications that allow you to view data and reports, retrieve messages and information, update contact information and on-call schedules, and access our Web Appointment Scheduler.

The web on-call app gives your healthcare organization real time access to on-call schedules. You can make realtime changes that our call center agents immediately have access to.

Real-time access is available from any computer and uses responsive design so it looks great on your phone or tablet.

Centralized Onsite Staff

Centralized Onsite Staff

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. That's why 100% of our agents work inside of our two call centers, with direct supervision.

Ambs Call Center does not allow work-at-home agents or offsite call processing, thereby ensuring that your patients’ PHI never leaves our premises until it’s time to securely communicate it to you.

Though we trust our staff completely, we take this additional, extraordinary step so that you can place your complete confidence in all we do for you.

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