Disaster Recovery & Redundancy Systems

As a 24/7 call center, maximum availability is of paramount importance to us

We have invested heavily in systems and facility redundancy to make this a reality. Ambs Call Center has three fully redundant call centers located in Grand Rapids and Jackson, Michigan, and Tampa, Florida.


Disaster Recovery and Redundancy Systems to Ensure Service Without Fail

Each call center facility has redundant telephone and internet circuits with automatic failover. In addition, each location has its own uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system and natural gas generators to ensure operations are not affected by loss of electricity from the power grid.

All critical servers and ACD functionality are redundant, allowing for failover should one become unavailable.

All your data is backed up onsite every 15 minutes, and nightly offsite backups are sent to five data centers strategically located in different geographic regions. In addition to facilities redundancy, we have available staff at multiple locations.

If one telephone carrier goes down, automatic failover to an alternate carrier is immediately put into place. For systems failure, the affected system fails over to its redundant counterpart.

In the case of hardware failure, the back  up systems take over immediately. New servers to replace the failed system is immediately configured and drop shipped from our vendor in order to restore complete redundancy.


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