Never Miss Important Messages Again

Voice mail serviceYou’re busy, over-scheduled, and trying to stay on top of running a business. The last thing you can afford to do is miss important messages or not respond to them in a timely manner. Our voice mail service is here to solve that problem.

Ambs Voice Mail Service makes your life easier. You no longer have to check in for your messages. After a message is received, it can immediately be delivered to you via email, along with the caller ID. You can listen it to via computer, phone, or tablet. You can even forward the message via email to coworkers for follow-up.

Simplify Life with One Mailbox

Your Ambs Voice Mailbox with its own local phone number gives you the power to receive all messages in one spot. Save time by sending calls from any of your phone numbers (mobile, work, or home) to your voice mailbox.

Voice Mail for Your Whole Team

Everyone on your team can have their own mailbox and extension, and callers can use auto attendant to reach the person they want. You can also transfer voice mail messages between mailboxes or reply to messages left for you. We can create the voice mail setup around your exact needs.

Press 0 for Operator

Don’t banish callers to voicemail jail. Let callers press 0 to speak to a live person. Or let our virtual receptionists take the calls for you.

What You Get with Ambs Voice Mail

  • Local phone numbers nationwide and toll free
  • No equipment to buy, install, or maintain
  • Caller ID
  • Extensions for employees, departments, company information, and more
  • Works with your current phone system and phone numbers

Receive Faxes Anywhere

Virtual fax lets you receive faxes on the go. You can call forward your fax number to your fax mail box or use the telephone number that’s included. Your faxes will then be delivered to you via email attachment.

Message Notification

Know the instant a new message arrives. Ambs Voice Mail Service gives you the flexibility of many delivery methods.

  • Email—The audio recording of the message is attached, along with caller ID
  • Text—Receive a text notifying you of a new voice mail message
  • Phone—Ambs Voice Mail calls you at a number to deliver the message

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