Appointment Scheduling Service

Appointment Scheduling Service

Giving customers a way to schedule an appointment 24/7 makes great business sense. Most small businesses are only open Monday through Friday from 8a-5pm. That means during the week, they are only able to book appointment 27% of the time.

Never Miss a Prospective Customer with Appointment Scheduling Service

No matter how hard you try, there are only so many hours in the day for work. As a small business owner, if you aren’t there to answer the phone when it rings, chances are the caller will move on to someone else. That’s where Ambs Call Center comes in. We offer 24/7 answering service solutions, which means we’re on call and ready whenever your customers make a call for an appointment - no matter what time of day it is!

Using Ambs Call Center’s 24/7 appointment call answering service gives you an edge over your competition. Our team is ready to act as your virtual receptionist and secure those important appointments you might otherwise miss if the request came in after hours. Our team isn’t just an appointment service though, we can also help you with overflow calls, dispatching emergencies, and taking messages!


Businesses that Benefit from an Appointment Call Center

To put it simply, if you work in a field that requires an appointment to be made for goods or services rendered, our telephone answering service will help you maximize your productivity by scheduling the appointments for you when you can’t.

Our US-Based call center team can schedule appointments for every industry. We help other professionals such as veterinarians, lawyers, real estate agents, and insurance agents.

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Perfect for Service Providers

It always seems like people need help from a member of the service trade at the least inopportune time for them. As much as we’d all like for issues to pop up during normal hours, the furnacealways seems to go out in the middle of the night, or the basement floods first thing in the morning.

Just because you might not be open when disaster strikes the homeowner, doesn’t mean we can’t help route them to someone on-call to handle emergency services, or set up an appointment for first thing the next morning. Using Ambs Call Center for 24 7 contact center solutions, means you’ll be the one making the repair, and not your competition.

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Popular Appointment Scheduler Service Uses

Our appointment scheduling call center can also be used for more straightforward scheduling purposes to help lighten your workload and allow you to make more productive use of your time. For instance, if you work in HR, you can use our staff to schedule interviews and training sessions. Administrators can even use us for event and class registration.

Also, if you’re in sales, use us to confirm appointments and schedules with prospects so that you don’t have to have a cold sales call. This will allow for a more informal conversation between you and your prospect, giving you a better shot at closing the sale!

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How Appointment Scheduling Works

The scheduling software that we use is called Acuity Scheduling. It isn’t necessary for you to be an existing Acuity user for us to book appointments for your team. Often, we simply create a calendar for you through our account and sync it to the calendar you’re currently using.

It’s incredibly easy to set up the Ambs Call Center team as your answering and scheduling service. To get started, simply let us know how you’d like our team to schedule your appointments and in what format you need to receive your confirmed appointments.

If there are certain days or times that you need to be blocked off, for instance, we mark that in our online appointment scheduling software. From there, our friendly and professional appointment scheduling operators are ready to fill your schedule.

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How to View Your Appointments

Now that you have all of these great appointments with people who need your help, you need to have a way to access your schedule in real-time.

Good news! Your calendar is literally at your fingertips. The software we use to book appointments can be accessed at any time with the proper credentials. You can also grant access to your team to make sure everyone is on the same page. Need to make changes to the appointments our team has made? No problem. You can book, reschedule, or cancel appointments in seconds.

Also, for the business owner on the go, Acuity Scheduling will sync your appointments with Google, iCloud, and Office 365 calendars.

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What your Customer Sees After Making an Appointment

Making an appointment is only effective if your customer actually remembers they made it when the time comes for their appointment to start. That’s why we immediately send out automated appointment reminders for any appointment we schedule for you.

The appointment confirmations can be branded and customized with your logo, and skinned to match the look of your website. We can also include a calendar invite, which allows them to add the appointment to their personal calendars to minimize the risk of them being a no-show.

Additional information to include with your appointment confirmations

To optimize the time with the person who booked an appointment with you, we recommend using the automated appointment reminders that we send out to include additional information that will assist you during the actual appointment.

Types of information to include in your appointment reminders:

  • Directions to your business or event
  • Links to forms that need to be downloaded and filled out
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

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High Volume EHR Scheduling

Ambs Call Center is not currently adding additional clients requiring EHR scheduling.

While we have a great group of people that deliver awesome results, we simply can’t be experts with every EHR software. That's why we are very selective when we bring on new EHR scheduling clients. In general, we require a minimum of 6,000 appointments per month in order to schedule appointments in an EHR system.

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Start Maximizing Your Time with Appointment Scheduling

Let our appointment scheduling service fill your schedule and free you to focus on your work.