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Insurance Answering Service

In the insurance industry, people looking for a new carrier want one who is accessible. Not just before the sale, but long after they become a customer. That's where an insurance answering service can distinguish your agency as the best. 

Customers expect that they can reach you when the worst happens. Sometimes, that's after the office closes. Our team of smart and cheerful virtual receptionists are available to back you up 24/7. 

Enhancing your agency's image and availability is what we're all about.

How Insurance Answering Service Works

Chances are your team puts in a lot of long hours during the work week. Our call center can help your team answer your phones whenever you need us. We are available on-demand, overflow, after-hours, weekends and holidays.

How Insurance Answering Service Works

How Insurance Answering Service Works

  1. The call handling protocol is set-up and loaded into the answering service software.
  2. A unique call forwarding telephone number is assigned to your insurance agency. You can route calls to this 24/7 according to your needs.
  3. The telephone is answered in your name and handled promptly and professionally.
  4. Your scripts are used to gather information for claims or quotes.
  5. Information is delivered to the correct staff member according to your instructions. Urgent calls follow escalation steps to insure that your team is ready to respond to clients.

Inbound Sales Lead Capture

We help make your marketing dollars go further with our 24/7 lead capture service. The best way to lose a lead that calls in after-hours or weekend is to send them to voicemail.

We'll make sure to greet the caller professionally and capture their interest. If you'd like we can even send the data directly into your CRM software!

Increase Your Staff Productivity

Chances are your day is jam packed with activities. Sometimes, it's hard to be able focus on important tasks is impossible with the phone ringing.

Worse yet, is needing to interrupt a conversation with a client to answer a call. Using our insurance answering service is the solution. Using call forwarding we can back you up and answer your phones when you need us the most.

Give you team back their focus to write new policies, handle claims and grow the agency. We'll help lower their stress level and increase efficiency.

Virtual Receptionist Features

Act As Your Switchboard

We can act as your switchboard and route calls according to need or person requested. Besides routing calls, we'll take messages, capture leads, and escalate emergency claims.

  • Warm Transfers. Our agent announces the call to you before connecting them you.
  • Unsupervised Transfer. We transfer the call immediately after determining who the caller needs to.
  • Messaging. Our agents take messages for employees that are unavailable. Most employees enjoy receiving an immediate text or email. Each employee can pick their favorite way to receive messages.

Auto Attendant Smart Phone

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

If disaster strikes and you are not able use your offices, we have you covered. We're ready at a moment's notice to make sure your phones get answered. 

We'll work with you to determine a disaster protocol for call handling and routing. The business continuity answering service plan is available for you to view online and update as needed. 

Our myAmbs web portal also gives you the power to communicate with your entire staff all at once. You can send simultaneous messages to your entire staff via text, email, phone and fax. 

What can an answering service do for your business?

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