Inbound Direct Response Lead Capture

Inbound Direct Response Lead Capture

The problem with maintaining normal business hours is that customers don’t always operate by them. When you close your doors in the evening, customers often don’t want to wait until morning or through the weekend to speak with someone. Just because your doors close, that doesn’t mean your business has to.

Ambs Call Center offers inbound direct response services to make sure that not a single lead or sale is missed, no matter the hour or the day. Our team of professionals is on hand 24/7/365 to field phone calls and emails, answer questions, and process leads.

Inbound Direct Response Services We Offer

We work within many industries, offering a wide range of services to accommodate any business with any call volume. Between our live and automated solutions, we offer inbound direct response services, including but not limited to:

By working with Ambs Call Center, you gain a team that works around the clock, never takes breaks or misses a day.

Inbound Sales Lead Capture

The most often overlooked aspect of marketing campaigns is having someone ready to engage with prospects when they call or click. That’s where our inbound sales lead capture service saves the day. We’re ready 24/7 to answer your phone calls when people respond to your advertising. Capture new leads for you, schedule appointments, and help your business grow!

Our inbound lead capture services team stands ready by the phone, email, and click-to-call to make sure that your marketing dollars go as far as possible. Whether we use our custom scripting software or integrate with your existing CRM solution, you’ll receive your leads when, where, and how you want them.
If you have a large sales team, we can route leads based on any criteria that you desire, such as sales lead rotation, territory, or salesperson qualification level.

Capturing sales leads takes a special prospect-centric approach to help you convert their interest into your sale. It starts by promptly and professionally answering the call in the exact manner and style you prefer.

Our lead capture specialist gathers the information you need in order to close the sale. We’re happy to share best practices with you during the implementation process, if you like. Our goal is for your campaign to be a huge success.

Popular ways you can receive your leads:

Your Success Is Our Priority

We'd love to speak with you about your specific marketing campaign. Just give us a call—we’re here 24/7 ready to help you grow.