Remote Switchboard Outsourcing

Remote Switchboard Outsourcing

Our outsourced switchboard service lets you present a professional image 24 hours a day. It ensures that you have the correct amount of staff in place any time of the day to provide excellent customer service to your clients.

Usually, a receptionist handles incoming calls and routes them across facilities.

Reduce Labor Costs With Switchboard Outsourcing

When more calls arrive than one or two individuals can handle, it becomes extremely difficult to provide quality service. With our main number answering service, you never need to worry about staffing issues again! If you should receive 1, 5, or even 20 calls simultaneously, we have you covered.

Think about it, a staff on demand 24/7! Staff that never calls in sick, goes on vacation, requests FMLA, or misses work.

How Outsourced Switchboard Service Works

How Outsourced Switchboard Service Works

When calls are received, your staff at Ambs Call Center has all of the information available on their screens to handle the call in the most efficient and professional manner possible. We route the call depending on the customer’s need, the person requested, time of day, or any other criteria that you want.

  • Warm Transfer—Our agent announces the caller to prior to connecting them to the requested extension
  • Unsupervised Transfer—Our agent transfers the call immediately after determining who the caller needs to speak to and does not remain on the line to announce the call
  • Messaging—Our agents take messages for employees that are unavailable. We send them the information in a variety of different methods, ensuring that they get the information they need in the most expedient manner possible.

Ambs Call Center works with you to develop a specific protocol for handling calls. Whatever your needs are, no matter how complex, we’ll rise to the occasion to deliver excellent service.

Grow Your Business. Never Miss Another Call.

Our telephone answering service virtual receptionists will help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.