Physician Referral Service

Many health systems provide a Physician Referral program as a service to the community. These physician referral services help consumers easily connect with the hospital while generating loyalty to the physicians.

How Physician Referral Service Works

Prospective patients call a local or toll-free number that is branded to your health system and answered by a physician referral specialist 24 hours a day. Callers can request their preferences for finding a doctor, such as proximity, specialty, insurance, or gender.

We provide the matching physician information and can even perform a warm transfer right to the practice. In addition, we can send follow-up information to the caller. Our agents relay the requested information to the prospective patient about the physician(s) or doctor(s) they’re interested in.

Standard Physician Referral Reporting

Standard Physician Referral Reporting

Ambs Call Center provides you with accurate and detailed data about your patients. You’ll be able to leverage this data to improve your return on investment of your marketing efforts.

Standard Physician Referral reports include the following:

  • Referral by Provided
  • Referrals by Specialty
  • Referrals by Geographic Location
  • Caller Demographics
Custom Physician Referral Service Reporting

Custom Physician Referral Service Reporting

Ambs Call Center’s Physician Referral database lets you develop custom reports. The database table structure is designed around every possible data point that you want to measure and report on. Once the data points are defined, custom reports are built around the reporting needs of your health system.

Grow Your Referrals and Reduce Outmigration of Patients.

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