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Message Delivery Options

We'll make sure you receive fast accurate messages how you want them. 

We offer several message delivery options for our call center and answering service customers. Check out our most popular ones are listed below, but we also offer customized data delivery options to meet your specific needs.


Message Delivery Options

We offer several message delivery options for our call center and answering service customers. The most popular ones are listed below, but we also offer customized data delivery options to meet your specific needs.



Multiple Delivery Methods

Choose From Multiple Delivery Methods

Secure Text Messaging

Our Startel Secure Messaging+ app offers encrypted text messaging along with support for audio and image attachments. You can also clear calls with our agents at the press of a button.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is a fast and reliable way to ensure the message is delivered directly to your mobile device. Unlike many call centers, we have agreements with wireless carriers allowing us to deliver information in an encrypted format.


We can call you to relay information by phone. We’ll provide a unique caller ID just for your account so you’ll know it’s us calling with important information. This is a good option if you don’t wake up to a text message when you’re sleeping. 

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Direct-Connect Patching

Want us to connect the caller directly to you? No problem! After calling you to confirm you’re available for a call, we connect the caller to you. We can also simply do a blind transfer to you without announcing the call. 

Standard and Encrypted E-mail

We can email your messages to you immediately or in batches. We also encrypt our email messages to provide you with peace of mind that your information is as secure as possible. It’s also an absolute must for HIPAA compliance.

Web Portal

You’ll see real-time calls on our web portal. You can mark messages as read, forward via email, and sort and filter calls as you see fit. The web portal is mobile-optimized for smartphones and tablets.

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Answering Service Message Delivery Options

Additional Message Delivery Options

Online Audio Recordings

Our online voice logger lets you listen to and download the inbound and outbound calls that we make for you. We can also record the conversations after we do a direct connect call patch.


You can listen to voicemail messages, or have a copy of the audio immediately emailed to you. You can also receive a text or page when a new message is received.

Pager Delivery

We support both text and numeric paging to all carriers. We also offer a message assurance option, where messages are sent via pager and cell phone simultaneously if paging coverage is an issue.

External Post to CRM or Web Form

Ambs Call Center's External Post service sends data from the answering service to a web server. Some good real-world examples are sending new leads or tickets directly into your CRM or ticketing software.


Prefer a hard copy of your calls? Fax delivery is the solution you’re looking for. Messages can be faxed as received or sent as a batch on the days and times that are most convenient for you.

SFTP File Transfer

Send and receive data securely with Ambs Call Center's telephone answering service via a SFTP server. You can choose to transfer files using your SFTP server or ours.

Meet-Me Paging

Ambs Call Center’s Meet-Me Paging is specialized tool for rapidly and efficiently connecting physicians to patients or hospital staff without requiring the agent to bridge them together. 

Other ways to get messages

Specialized Answering Service for Each Industry

We book appointments for showings, take lease applications by phone, and handle maintenance requests. Whatever it is that you need, Ambs can handle confidently and professionally.

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