Online Access to Call Recordings

Listen to Your Phone Calls Online

Think of the possibilities around being able to listen to your call recordings any time you wanted. The secure myAmbs voice logger gives you insights beyond the just information gathered on the call. What was the tone of the caller? How well did the telephone answering service agent do handling your call? The online voice logger app gives you the answer. Telephone-Answering-Service-online-call-recording

The voice logger app on the myAmbs web portal makes it easy to listen to phone calls anytime you’d like. You can filter call recordings based on several criteria. This makes finding the call you are looking for a snap.

Ways to Search Call Recordings

  • Caller ID
  • Date/Time range
  • Call duration
  • Incoming or outgoing call
  • Agent who handled the call

Once you’ve found the call that you’re looking for, you can play it right from the browser. If you’d like to keep a copy of it, you can download it or send it via email attachment.

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