Kronos Integration at Ambs Call Center

Kronos Call Off Hotline Integration

Data Exchange for Your Call Off Hotline

Kronos Integration

How Kronos Data Exchange Works

Ambs Call Center’s employee reporting service supports data feeds from Kronos Workforce Management software.

The essence of the data exchange is for Kronos to export the employee directory file to Ambs Call Center automatically at a predefined schedule.

When employees callout late or absent, this data can then be sent back to Kronos or other software to import.

Frequently Asked Questions



Who coordinates the data exchange?

The coordination of the data exchange will be handled by Ambs Call Center’s technical team and your IT resource.

How much does Kronos Call Off Hotline integration cost?

A Kronos data feed integration has a one-time investment of $500 and then $25 per month. 

How is the data exchanged?

Most typically, the data exchange is done via  Microsoft Azure SFTP. However, Ambs Call Center supports other methods of data exchange such as our API.  Let's have a conversation to determine best option for your organization.

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