Dealer Locator Service

With Ambs Call Center’s dealer locator services, we’ll deliver customers to your doorstep! We help people find your closest location and connect them or refer specific information. Most importantly, dealer locator services help you strike while the iron is hot and engage with customers the instant they’re ready.

How Dealer Locator Services Works

With a simple call to an 800 number, our 24-hour call center service quickly gives the caller the information they need and can connect the caller to that location, as well as send you follow up demographic information. We can even provide callers with turn-by-turn navigation to your doorstep via phone, email, or text message.

Your Software or Ours

Already have a dealer locator on your website? Our team of call center agents can link directly to your online tool to assist callers.

Not using dealer locator software? Not a problem! We can create a solution for you quickly and economically. Our software can use geolocation or other factors to quickly determine the closest location.

In addition to locating the closest location, our dealer and store locator service can be configured to rotate referrals in order to evenly distribute leads across multiple locations in the same geographic area.

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