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4 Key Benefits to Answering Service Call Recording
Peter DeHaan

By: Peter DeHaan on March 24th, 2016

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4 Key Benefits to Answering Service Call Recording

How Answering Services Work

Some telephone answering services record all the calls they answer. Other don't. Does it really matter? Why should you care?

Here are four reasons why professional telephone answering services record their calls. Make sure your answering service is one that does.

1. A Dispute Resolution Source

Having an answering service call recording of a phone conversation is key to resolving conflicts. Disputes can occur over what people said and when they said it. Recordings also reveal things people failed to say.

Our memories at times prove incomplete. But a recording provides an accurate record of the communication. Most conflicts over communication issues are immediately resolved after listening to a call’s recording.

Answering services that have confidence in the quality of their service record their calls. Furthermore they are open to share the recording if a question arises. If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to record calls.

2. A Verification Method

What if you need to double-check a phone number, confirm an email address, or verify credit card information? A voice recording of the call makes this easy to do. Imagine having a voice backup just in case there is a question about a typed message.

Most all messages that an answering service takes are completely accurate. But knowing there is a way to verify information is a nice assurance.

3. A Legal Resource

No one wants to be sued. If a lawsuit happens and a phone call looms as a critical element in the case, what a relief it is to have access to a complete recording of the call.

Without a tangible record it becomes an issue of one person’s word against another. No one knows who a jury will believe, but a clear recording of the transaction removes all doubt.

4. A Quality Assurance Tool

A side benefit of call recording is quality assurance. This is why leading answering services install software to record calls. They also add servers to store messages as a means to assess the quality of their staff. Every answering service thinks they provide quality service and claim that they do.

But, those who are serious about quality record all their calls. Then each week they check a random sample of the recordings. This is to ensure their staff continues to meet their high quality standards.

An answering service without call recording capability can’t make this claim.

Digital Convenience

Modern call-recording systems are 100 percent digital. This means it’s easy to record calls, store the results, attach metadata, and share files. This way it’s easy to log in and listen or attach a call recording to an email message and send it anywhere in the world within seconds.

When you want to access a recording, some answering services have to manually search for the recording and email it to you. This takes time, which they often charge for. Plus you need to wait for them to work this research task into their other workload.

The best answering services provide a more comprehensive solution. They have a secure, password-protected portal for clients to use to access their own recordings. These portals are available 24/7 and allow for unlimited searching, retrieval, and listening. Users can also download these recordings and save them on their local computer.

Call recording is a given at leading telephone answering services. If you want the best for your business, pick an answering service that records all their calls.

Confidence Confirmed

Some answering services, however, elect to not provide an online portal to listen to call recordings. The problem is that they are afraid what you might hear. They want to listen to the call first.


However, answering services that are confident in the high level of quality they offer have no problem giving their clients direct, immediate access to recordings of their calls.

Though no answering service can achieve perfection on every call, the leading professional answering services have a high level of confidence in their overall quality, which they confirm by providing their clients with unfettered access to recordings.

Call recordings provide a reliable means for dispute resolution, information verification, legal backup, and quality assurance. Call-recording systems are 100 percent digital, which makes it easy to record, store, and share phone conversations.

Answering services that provide clients with open access to their call recordings are the best of the best. 

How to Pick an Answering Service

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