Xfinity Mobile call forwarding answering service

Xfinity Mobile Call Forwarding Instructions

Instructions on how to call forward Xfinity Mobile phones to the answering service.

Xfinity Mobile Call Forwarding Instructions

Xfinity Mobile call forwarding allows you to forward your calls to another phone number. This includes call forwarding to the answering service, mobile phone or a landline.

Turn on call forwarding

There are two styles of call forwarding. You can set it up so that all calls automatically forward to another number, without your mobile device ringing first, or you can have call forwarding ring on your mobile device first and only go to another number if you don’t answer the call on your mobile. Here are the steps:

  1. Dial *72 if you want all calls to automatically forward. Dial *71 if you only want unanswered calls to forward.
  2. Dial the 10-digit phone number (including area code) provided to you from the telephone answering service. For example, you'd dial *72-517-555-3333.
  3. Press the Call button and wait for a confirmation tone and message.
  4. End the call.

Things to remember with call forwarding

  • You must turn on call forwarding from your Xfinity Mobile device. You cannot turn it on from another phone or a computer.
  • Calls cannot be forwarded to international numbers, only domestic 10-digit numbers, including toll-free numbers.
  • If call forwarding is enabled, unanswered calls will not be directed to your mobile device's voicemail.
  • Call forwarding does not affect text messages. They will still come through as normal on your mobile device.

Turn off call forwarding

  1. Dial *73.
  2. Press the Call button and wait for a confirmation tone.
  3. End the call.