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Frontier Call Forwarding Instructions

Instructions on how to call forward Frontier phones to the answering service.

Frontier Call Forwarding Instructions

Frontier call forwarding allows you to forward your calls to another phone number. This includes call forwarding to the answering service, mobile phone or a landline. 

Call Forward All Calls


  1. When you hear a dial tone, dial * 7 2. When you hear a second dial tone, dial the phone number for your account at the answering service.
  2. Call Forwarding is activated when someone (or a voice mail greeting) answers the number you dialed. 
  3. If you receive a busy signal or no answer, hang up and repeat the first step within two minutes.
  4. You will get a confirmation tone indicating that this option is activated.


  1. Dial * 7 3.


Exceptions: For Indiana (Citizens and Fairmount), Illinois (all areas), Pennsylvania (Enterprise and Oswayo River), Alabama (Midsouth) and Wisconsin (Mondovi): Dial 7 2 #. For Rhinelander: Dial 7 2 #. Frontier Voice customers in Connecticut: When you hear a dial tone, dial 7 2 followed by the number you want your calls forwarded to.