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5 Great Reasons To Hire An American Call Center
Andrew Charles

By: Andrew Charles on March 21st, 2024

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5 Great Reasons To Hire An American Call Center

Shopping for an Answering Service

Ever make a call to a business because you have a pressing need? Then finally, you reach a live agent, but you can’t understand a word of what they’re saying? Is it frustrating? That’s the experience your customers may have when you hire a call center that outsources its services overseas.

Let’s be clear - this article is not about disparaging the accents from around the world. You and I probably sound different, even if it’s just by a margin.

But the fact is: if you’re running an American business, an American answering service is likely best for your business. Likewise, if you’re running a foreign business, then the answering service local to you would likely be best.

We’ve had customers come to us saying that they were losing business because their customers couldn’t understand a word their previous answering service agents were saying. Being in the industry for nearly 100 years, we can tell you this is a common problem.

In this blog, we’ll look at the reasons you should hire a US call center so that you know if your business would stand to gain from getting one. Then, it would only be a matter of which American call center you should go with.

Here are the 5 reasons you should hire a US call center:

  1. American Call Centers Save You Money (Really)
  2. Nothing Gets Lost In Translation With American Call Centers
  3. Your Customers’ Call Center Experience Is Enhanced By Continuity
  4. Your Brand And The Answering Service Will Be Aligned Culturally
  5. Lower the Financial Risk From Hiring an Overseas Call Center


1. American Call Centers Save You Money (Really)

But, wouldn’t an answering service overseas be cheaper because of labor costs in third-world countries? Yes. But since their services are offered in the USA, they charge similar to other answering services available here! So what they do is pocket the savings and don't pass it along to you.

But that’s not how American call centers save you money.

Your call center is the frontline for customer interactions. Now, imagine your customers reaching out with pressing needs—questions about their accounts, product inquiries, or urgent issues. The clock is ticking, and every second counts.

If you go with a company that outsources its calls, you might be paying more than you need to. Every “Huh?”, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”, and “Come again?” costs you!

Let’s look into it: let’s say every request for clarity on a call runs 10 seconds on average.

For every call, you might have up to 10 questions, but let’s say on average you have 6. Let’s say half of those questions require clarity.

That means for every call, 30 seconds is wasted.

Now, let’s say you receive 150 calls a month. That’s 75 minutes every month.

The average cost per minute of an answering service is $1.75. This means you’re spending around $130 monthly, or $1,560 yearly on the agent gaining clarity. This doesn’t even include the time it takes when the agent misunderstands what your caller is saying!

American agents not only speak fluent English but also understand the intricacies of your industry. When a customer calls, they articulate information clearly, ensuring a smooth interaction: no language barriers, no frustrating misunderstandings. And when your agents communicate effectively, calls are processed swiftly, reducing call duration and ultimately saving you those precious dollars.

And while it’s great that they do save you money, more importantly, they ensure accuracy.


2. Nothing Gets Lost In Translation With American Call Centers

Imagine critical information lost in translation—a prescription misunderstood, an appointment mishandled, or a support request misrouted. Scary, right?

Accuracy matters.

It is common for a foreign call center agent to get this wrong. It isn’t their fault either. But, the words we know to spell intuitively just wouldn’t make sense to anyone else! Would they know how to spell Arkansas, Milwaukee, or Beaumont? Would they understand when some of your callers in the South or Midwest say “Mon-day” as “Mon-dee”?

With American agents, things don’t just slip through the cracks. If a call is urgent you can rest assured that an agent that is local to the US would be able to handle the escalation while noting the facts accurately.

Because to the best call center, precision isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s just part of how they elevate the customer experience for your customers.

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3. Your Customers’ Call Center Experience Is Enhanced By Continuity

Your brand is more than just a logo—it’s an experience. When customers dial your number, they’re not just seeking answers; they’re connecting with your brand’s whole identity.

Have you ever called into a business and got the same agent twice?  It’s like talking to a trusted friend. That’s the power of brand continuity. Now, imagine your customers' delight when they're helped by a familiar voice - an American call center agent.

Whether it’s a billing inquiry or a heartfelt thank-you, your customers feel the authenticity. They know they’re not talking to a faceless entity; they’re conversing with a real representative. Your brand needs that representative — someone who embodies your values and commitment. And, someone who shares your culture.


4. Your Brand And The Answering Service Will Be Aligned Culturally

Offshore answering services can answer your calls, sure. But they simply don’t share the same culture that shapes your or your customers' lives.

Culture isn’t just about art, music, or festivals; it’s about shared understanding. American answering service agents get the cultural nuances and preferences of American customers. You and I get the subtle cues—the humor, the unspoken expectations, the regional references.

When your caller jokes about the weather in Michigan, your agent shouldn’t be hurrying the conversation because they don’t get it. That’s an important moment; your customer is extending themselves to have a shared experience. If your agent meets them halfway, with a genuine chuckle and an affirming response, you’ve just strengthened a bond between your customer and your business.

A little goes a long way.

It’s this cultural alignment that ensures better customer experiences. After all, who doesn’t want to be seen and heard by a familiar voice?


5. Lower Your Financial Risk Of Hiring an Overseas Call Center

Now, we touched on the accent discrepancy earlier. Let’s talk about it.

Like we said, this is not about looking down on the people who speak differently. You and I have, at some point, been made fun of for how we mispronounced a word. It doesn’t feel good. Let’s not levy that onto those who can’t help it.

But, when it comes to your business and your customers, trust is built through familiarity. When customers encounter heavy accents, their trust wavers. It’s human nature—we instinctively gravitate toward familiarity. If your caller doesn’t feel recognized, they might just hang up. 

If they’re your customer, you lose their trust. If they’re a prospect, you lose the business.

That can cost you hundreds of dollars each month. Thousands of dollars yearly. By working with an American call center, you eliminate this financial risk by giving your callers the familiarity they want.

With American call centers, you give your customers the experience they expect from interacting with your American business. That’s not to say you shouldn’t accommodate your Spanish speaking customers. Rather, you might want to focus on making sure that your service is consistent across the board. And that starts with your call center.


Are American Call Centers Right For My Business?

If your service operates in the US, you might want to look into getting an American call center for your business. That being said, you should observe who your customers are. If you serve a diverse group of people, it might not be the highest priority.

Now, you might be asking yourself:

Which call center would work best with my business?

How much would an answering service cost me in 2024?

We hope you find these resources useful. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about accents, costs, or location - it’s about your customers.

To learn more about how our American call center could service your business, request a quote from us today!


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