Send Messages from the myAmbs Portal

Send Messages from the myAmbs Portal

Instantly send messages to any member of your team or broad a message to all.

Instantly Send Messages to Any Member of Your Team

You can also send messages to many staff at once by a variety of methods such as text, encrypted text messages, email, phone and fax. It’s a great tool that gets information into the hands of people that need it, fast!

How Sending Messages via myAmbs Portal Works


Additional Features of the Contact Feature of myAmbs Portal

Beyond just sending messages fast and reliably, the myAmbs Portal offers these additional features:

  • Ability to track that the device received a message on their secure text messaging app.
  • Ability to track that communications carrier has accepted message into their network.
  • Provide reporting and audit trail that messages were received, read and acknowledged.
  • Support for secure email, SMS, Secure Text Messaging, fax and pagers.
  • Browser based which allows all computers, tablets and smartphones to access the enterprise web portal
  • Message character length is unlimited, messages longer than carrier limits can be broken into multi-part messages if desired
  • Ability to search by person, department, on-call group and affiliation
  • Ability to search by on-call status and staff list
  • Group paging capability across multiple devices
  • System automatically sends information to on-call person based on preferences and time of day/day of week.
  • Preferences are also shown on the web portal automatically which shows what steps the software will take to transmit the information.
  • In addition to wireless devices, escalation can also be made to telephone numbers such as a residence.

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