Need to communicate with your team in a fast and secure method? Now you have the power to send critical messages to one or many people using the Ambs Communications Portal. Instantly send messages to specific people, teams, or to the person who is on-call.

Get Messages to the Right Person, Right Now

The Ambs Communication Portal knows who is on-call at all times. Type your message and hit Send. The information is automatically sent to the right person by their preferred method. You’ll receive confirmation that they have received the information. They can also send a reply to you.

Broadcast Alerts, Rally the Troops

Sending information to a group of people has never been easier. Create notification lists to deliver information instantly to your entire team. Messages are sent to each person via the devices and methods that work best for each of them.

Flexible Message Delivery

Time of day and day of week message delivery allows users to receive messages in their preferred method. Can’t wake up to a text message? The system automatically switches to alerting you by phone when you go to bed.

Methods of Receiving Messages

  • Secure text messages
  • SMS text messages
  • 3rd-party secure texting apps
  • Email (encrypted email supported)
  • Phone
  • Pager (numeric and alphanumeric text paging)
  • Fax
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