Web Directory

The myAmbs web portal directory app gives you secure real-time access to your database records. The web directory can contain information gathered by Ambs Call Center answering service agents such as sales leads or tickets.

They can also be databases that you’ve shared with us to use to manage your calls such as a customer look-up. The power of real-time updates and exporting, the web directory app give you the information you need in real-time.

Giving Your Callers a Great Experience

Give your callers the ultimate in customer service by knowing who they are when we answer the phone. The myAmbs portal Web Directory app automatically populates their information based on the caller ID.

If they are calling for the first time, it will remember them the next time they call. It’s a great way to help you stand out from the competition.

Information can also be looked up by any other data point that you wish. Great examples are company name, customer number, email or physical address.

Sales Lead Capture and Export

A great way to get your sales leads in one place without having to manually input them. When our virtual receptionists gather information, it is immediately added to your web directory.  You even have the power to manage the directory information online.

You can sort the information online and then import it to your CRM or save the information as a .csv or Excel file.

Automatic Data Exchange

Ambs Call Center also supports automatic data exchange. Your files can be uploaded and imported into our telephone answering service software quickly and easily. You can also automatically download your information into your software. This saves your staff time and energy over a manually file exchange via email or other method.

We offer secure FTP which means the data exchange is secure and encrypted. We support both SFTP push and pull methods.

Ready to Delight Your Callers?

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