Virginia Answering Service

Virginia Answering Service

Virginia local answering service operator

Virginia Answering Service

We're a family-owned telephone answering service and started answering phones for small businesses in 1932. Our friendly voices are here to answer your calls 24/7.

We can help you with everything from connecting calls to you, taking messages, scheduling appointments, support calls,  and much more. Some of our most popular phone answering services: 

Virginia Answering Services

For call center and answering services in Virginia, there is no substitute for the versatile solutions from Ambs Call Center. As a full service answering service company, we are proud to serve businesses across Virginia and the rest of the United States with 24/7/365 service and support. From making appointments to taking messages, our teams of well-trained professionals can alleviate a large portion of your staff’s daily tasks, freeing you and your employees up to focus on more important things and enjoy The Old Dominion State to the fullest during your down time. Whether you operate in the property management, lead generation or any other industry, our comprehensive tools can help you achieve a new level of efficiency.

Answering Service in Virgina

Quality answering services in Virginia need to present customers with helpful, friendly and positive support. That’s exactly what Ambs Call Center provides. With 24/7 answering services and a professional staff working around the clock, we are working for you well after you clock out for the day. This level of support adds a professional image to your business, no matter if you have one employee or one thousand. This support not only gives a great impression around Richmond, ChesapeakeNorfolkRichmondVirginia Beach and all of Virginia, but also leads to more repeat business, better reviews and more satisfied customers.

Virginia Call Center

Being home to 8,096,604 people, a vibrant culture and plenty of businesses, Virginia can be a busy place to run a company. For Ambs Call Center, it’s just another day at the office, as we field around 30,000 call center calls a day; answering questions, taking appointments, addressing customer concerns and much more. In fact, some of our wide-ranging call center solutions in Virginia include:

  • Absence Management
  • Event Registration

Along with these services, we utilize call center software to bring customer service to a whole new level, building and managing relationships across your entire customer base. So whether you’re enjoying the local nightlife or catching a game on TV, you can have the peace of mind knowing Ambs is serving your best interests and growing your business. Ambs Call Center serves numerous industries and businesses of all sizes in The Old Dominion State. One of these industries is healthcare, where we provide medical answering services to increase efficiency and reduce costs of hospitals, practices and health systems. Some additional Virginia answering services include:

  • Voicemail Auto Attendant
  • Post Discharge Phone Calls
  • Appointment Reminder Services

Whether you have one call a day or 100,000, ensure the person that picks up the phone is someone with your best interests in mind. Contact Ambs Call Center for more information on how we can help grow your business in Virginia.

24/7 Answering Service for Virginia

We provide local answering service for businesses in Virginia. Our family has been serving the Mother of States since 1932.

Virginia Area Codes We Answer For 

276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804

Most Popular Virginia Cities We Answer For

Chesapeake, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach

Virginia Zip Codes We Answer For 

20101, 20101, 20102, 20102, 20103, 20103, 20104, 20104, 20105, 20105, 20106, 20106, 20108, 20109, 20109, 20109, 20110, 20111, 20111, 20112, 20113, 20113, 20115, 20116, 20117, 20118, 20119, 20120, 20120, 20121, 20122, 20124, 20128, 20129, 20129, 20130, 20131, 20132, 20132, 20134, 20134, 20135, 20135, 20136, 20137, 20138, 20139, 20140, 20141, 20142, 20143, 20144, 20146, 20147, 20148, 20148, 20148, 20149, 20149, 20151, 20151, 20152, 20152, 20152, 20153, 20153, 20155, 20156, 20158, 20159, 20160, 20160, 20163, 20164, 20165, 20165, 20166, 20166, 20166, 20167, 20168, 20169, 20170, 20171, 20171, 20172, 20175, 20176, 20176, 20176, 20177, 20178, 20180, 20181, 20182, 20184, 20185, 20186, 20186, 20186.