Michigan Answering Service

Michigan Answering Service

Michigan local answering service operator

Michigan Answering Service

We're a family-owned telephone answering service and started answering phones for small businesses in 1932. Our friendly voices are here to answer your calls 24/7.

We can help you with everything from connecting calls to you, taking messages, scheduling appointments, support calls,  and much more. Some of our most popular phone answering services: 

Family Owned Answering Service

We starting answering phones in Jackson, Michigan in 1932. Our family owned answering service is ready to help answer your phones so you can get work done. Take your business to another level with our Pure Michigan answering service and call center solutions with the help of Ambs Call Center.

Our teams of well-trained professionals operate around the clock, 365 days a year to handle calls, registrations, appointment scheduling, messages and much more throughout the state of Michigan. The level of professional answering services provided and call support allows your staff the freedom to focus on more important tasks and better serve customers of The Great Lakes State and beyond.

Ambs Call Center serves property management, HVAC, medical practices and nearly every other industry. As a full service call center company, our versatile tools can help your business succeed. Ambs Call Center is dedicated to Michigan. We are a family owned answering service in Michigan. Our employees and their families are your customers. As our competitors use out-of-country call centers or publicly traded companies meaning they now have to report to shareholders, we’re happy to say that we only report to you. Our dedication to Michigan is just one reason we have been designated a “Pure Michigan Business” by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Answering Service in Michigan

The benefits of using our award winning answering services in Michigan stretch far and wide. With our constant support and phone answering services, Ambs Call Center acts as your ideal employee; never sick, never absent and working around the clock for you.

Whether you’re a company of 1 or 1,000, operating in Lansing or Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, we can give you a professional image through your own specific instructions on greetings, scheduling and more. This level of customer service and interaction benefits your business exponentially; leading to more positive reviews, more return customers and more business.

Michigan Call Center

Being home to 9,876,187 people, a vibrant culture and plenty of businesses, Michigan can be a busy place to run a company. For Ambs Call Center, it’s just another day at the office, as we field around 30,000 call center calls a day: answering questions, taking appointments, addressing customer concerns and much more.

Along with these answering services, we utilize call center software to bring customer service to a whole new level, building and managing relationships across your entire customer base. 

Ambs Call Center serves numerous industries and businesses of all sizes in The Great Lakes State. We answer calls originating throughout United States of America as well as client calls worldwide.

Ensure the person that picks up the phone for your company when using a call center is someone with your best interests in mind. Contact Ambs Call Center for more information on how we can help grow your business in Michigan.

Ambs Call Center is proud to have our headquarters in Jackson, Michigan and service companies throughout both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

24/7 Answering Service for Michigan

We provide local answering service for businesses in Michigan. Our family has been serving the Wolverine State since 1932.

Michigan Area Codes We Answer For 

231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989

Most Popular Michigan Cities We Answer For

Coldwater, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Hillsdale, Holland, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Marquette, Muskegon, Port Huron, Rochester Hills, Saginaw, Southfield, St. Joseph

Michigan Zip Codes We Answer For 

48001, 48001, 48001, 48001, 48001, 48001, 48001, 48002, 48002, 48002, 48002, 48002, 48003, 48003, 48004, 48005, 48005, 48006, 48006, 48006, 48006, 48006, 48006, 48007, 48009, 48009, 48012, 48012, 48014, 48014, 48015, 48017, 48021, 48021, 48022, 48022, 48023, 48023, 48023, 48023, 48025, 48025, 48025, 48025, 48026, 48027, 48027, 48027, 48028, 48028, 48030, 48032, 48032, 48032, 48032, 48033, 48034, 48035, 48035, 48036, 48036, 48037, 48038, 48038, 48039, 48039, 48039, 48039, 48040, 48041, 48041, 48041, 48042, 48042, 48043, 48044, 48044, 48044, 48045, 48045, 48045, 48045, 48045, 48045, 48046, 48047, 48047, 48047, 48048, 48048, 48048, 48049, 48049, 48049, 48049, 48050, 48050, 48050, 48051, 48051.