Post-Discharge Calls

Are patient readmissions killing your reimbursements? Our post-discharge calls can help you with patient compliance and identify complications before they become serious or life threatening.

Our advisors follow-up with patients to ensure they’re not having abnormal side effects for their condition. If something requires further attention, they are immediately transferred to one of your clinical staff.

Patient Follow-Up Calls

A friendly follow-up with patients after procedures can move the needle when it comes to patient satisfaction ratings. Let us work with you to develop a program that focuses on your goals and initiatives.

Promoting Hospital Programs

Patient follow-up calls often uncover opportunities to engage people in other relevant hospital activities that they may not have been aware of. For example, a diabetic could be directed to a self-monitoring program while new mothers could be enrolled into a mother/child exercise program. By cross-selling targeted programs and service lines, you can affordably retain the customers that you want.

Event Follow-Up Calls

It’s often an excellent and effective practice to engage people after they attend events sponsored by your organization. Through event follow-up calls, Ambs Call Center invites targeted customers to join relevant, additional activities that showcase your resources and capabilities. By reaching out to those who have already displayed interest in your events, we can help improve your attendance rates.

Customer Satisfaction Calls

Carefully scripted, customized calls are designed to get a quick read on the effectiveness of customer service delivered within a specific service or department. Customer satisfaction calls allow for immediate mid-course adjustments or enhancing processes and procedures, and they can help you confirm or reevaluate your customer service efforts.