Email Response Answering Service

How to Clear Messages with Email Response

Ambs Call Center gives you the power to stop call escalation immediately via email.

Email Response Answering Service

Email response allows your team to quickly acknowledge a message via email. This logs their response, stops further escalation, and reduces your costs.

How Email Response Answering Service Works


After gathering information from the caller our call center agent immediately sends the information to one or more addresses via Ambs Call Center's email response service. Upon receiving the information, the staff member can acknowledge the email and stop escalation by simply replying with the word ‘file’ in the body of the email.

This transmits the receipt of the message to Ambs Call Center’s software and stops further dispatching or escalation of the message. In addition, there is an audit trail showing the date, time and email address that acknowledged the message. In addition to speeding up information delivery and confirming receipt, e-mail response also reduces costs by taking the place of telephone calls, pages or texts.

Who Benefits the Most from Email Response

  • On-call staff who need to respond to the new call but may be already busy speaking with a current client.
  • Service technicians who manage their service queue from their tablet or phone.
  • Anyone who would like to save time and reduce costs by not having to call in for messages.

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