West Virginia Answering Service

West Virginia Answering Service

West Virginia local answering service operator

West Virginia Answering Service

We're a family-owned telephone answering service and started answering phones for small businesses in 1932. Our friendly voices are here to answer your calls 24/7.

We can help you with everything from connecting calls to you, taking messages, scheduling appointments, support calls,  and much more. Some of our most popular phone answering services: 

West Virginia Answering Services

Looking for a comprehensive call center or answering service in West Virginia? Look no further than Ambs Call Center, a full service telephone answering company. Ambs operates diligently around the clock 24/7/365 to help your business function and grow. Our teams of well trained professionals are on hand to handle customer service calls, schedule appointments, and much, much more. Whether you are in the homecare, propane or nearly any other industry, our services can help you succeed. This level of service helps you and your staff focus on more important tasks and enjoy The Mountain State to the fullest.

Answering Service in West Virginia

The benefits of answering services in West Virginia stretch far and wide. With our constant support and 24/7 answering services, Ambs Call Center acts as your ideal employee; never sick, never absent and working around the clock for you. Best of all, we make you look good. Whether you’re a company of 1 or 1,000, operating in Charleston or elsewhere in West Virginia, we can give you a professional image through your own specific instructions on greetings, scheduling, etc. This level of customer service and interaction benefits your business exponentially, leading to more positive reviews, more return customers and more business.

West Virginia Call Center

As home to 1,855,364 people, countless sights and businesses, West Virginia can be a busy place to be. At Ambs Call Center, we’re used to the traffic. We currently process around 30,000 calls per day; fielding questions, addressing customer concerns and much more. In fact, some of our services include:

  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Locator
  • Absence Management

Couple these services with our specialized call center software, and we’re able to effectively build and manage relationships with your customers. By operating 24/7/365, you can be enjoying dinner or watching a game on TV knowing that your customers are in good hands. As a full service telephone answering company, Ambs Call Center has a wide range of solutions to help build and grow your business in The Mountain State. Many of these services are within the healthcare industry. With medical answering services, we are able to provide appointment scheduling and much more. Some of our additional services include:

  • Post Discharge Phone Calls
  • Physician Call Center

No West Virginia company is too large or too small. Ambs Call Center can provide the 24/7 answering services to help you succeed and take your customer service to a whole new level.

24/7 Answering Service for West Virginia

We provide local answering service for businesses in West Virginia. Our family has been serving the Mountain State since 1932.

West Virginia Area Codes We Answer For 

304, 681

The Most Popular West Virginia City We Answer For Is


West Virginia Zip Codes We Answer For 

24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24701, 24712, 24714, 24715, 24716, 24719, 24724, 24724, 24726, 24729, 24731, 24732, 24733, 24736, 24736, 24736, 24737, 24738, 24739, 24739, 24740, 24740, 24740, 24747, 24747, 24747, 24751, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24801, 24808, 24808, 24811, 24811, 24813, 24815, 24815, 24815, 24816, 24817, 24818, 24822, 24823, 24826, 24827, 24828, 24828, 24828, 24829, 24830, 24830, 24831, 24834, 24836, 24839, 24843, 24844, 24844, 24845, 24846, 24847, 24848, 24849, 24850, 24851, 24853, 24853, 24854, 24855, 24857, 24857, 24859, 24859, 24860, 24861, 24862, 24866, 24867, 24868, 24868, 24868, 24868, 24868, 24868, 24868, 24868.