Answering Service Invoice FAQ

FAQ About Our Answering Service Invoices

answering service invoice faqHere is a short list of our most frequently asked questions about our telephone answering service invoice.

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How can I Pay My Answering Service Bill? 

You can pay your answering service bill online by visiting our payment portal.


How often will I receive a bill?

We send invoices monthly. Invoices are sent out at the beginning of the month. This means you will receive 12 invoices per year from Ambs Call Center. 


What are work-time minutes?

Work-time minutes are calculated when our staff is working on your account. Taking incoming calls, dispatching calls, account changes, account maintenance, and on-call changes.


What is the D.I.D. number charge?

The D.I.D. telephone number is the telephone number we provide for you to call forward your phones to. In some cases, you may simply refer your customers to call this number directly.


What does partial month charge mean?

You will only see this appear on your first invoice. This amount is the pro-ration of the amount of days service that were provided to you in the previous month.

You will also see the full amount for your monthly plan appear on this invoice as well. This is because we bill for the upcoming month’s service base rate and the previous month’s usage.


What are patch minutes?

Patch minutes are calculated when a call is connected to another telephone number. The amount of time the call is connected is counted as patch time.  An example is when we connect a customer to you on your mobile phone.


 When is my invoice due?

 The invoice due date is the 25th of the month.


 Why do I have a late fee on my invoice?

If the payment for an invoice isn’t received by the due date of the 25th a late fee is automatically applied.


How can I tell if my invoice was paid with the automatic credit card feature?

 The invoice will have a ‘PAID’ watermark in the middle of the invoice.


What are the recurring charges?

The recurring charges are for all services billed in advance. The service period dates are indicated on the invoice in the box located in the upper right-hand corner.


What are usage charges?

Usage charges are for any usage above and beyond what is included in your plan. The charges are billed in arrears. The usage period dates are indicated on the invoice in the box located in the upper right-hand corner.

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