about Ambs Call Center

About Ambs Call Center

Quick Facts


Number of Clients
Over 2,000

Number of Call Center Agents

HIPPA Compliant

History of Ambs Call Center


Since 1932, Ambs Call Center has always focused on helping our customers succeed. We're family owned and operated answering service. Our founder, Helen Miller, first started by answering phones for 13 doctors out of her home in Jackson, Michigan - our very first telephone number was only four digits, ‘8883’.

Today, Ambs Call Center has grown quite a lot, but many of our clients from the early days are still with us over 50 years later. It's important to us to honor their customers as much as they did. We are blessed to carry on their dedication to customer service excellence.

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Company Ethos


When you provide 24/7 telephone answering services, you don't get a day off. We eat, sleep and breathe customer service. It's critical that we provide you with the very best level of service possible on every call.

Over time, we’ve learned how to take the best in technology and translate it to solution for our customers. Our core focus is to provide premium answering service.

We made a conscious effort to make sure we’re a great fit for you before we begin working with one another.

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AMBS Call Center Core Values

We are Committed to Quality

Inspire and Help Others with our Work Ethic

Act with Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Fairness to All

How Did We Create an Award Winning Answering Service?

It is extremely important to us to provide the best telephone answering services to you. It's something we take very seriously.

So much so that we have a full time staff dedicated to evaluating and coaching our team. They listen to call recording and grade them on various components to ensure the caller experience is second to none.

We also take part in two separate secret shopper programs. These programs are specifically for telephone answering service companies. The programs are through the US and Canadian call center organizations, ATSI and Cam-X.

The reason we participate is because our quest for improving quality never ends. We always want to be held to a higher standard.

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Answering Service Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about us or our services?

We've been in business a long time, so we know the questions that businesses have when evaluating potential answering services to work with.

To make this process as easy for you as possible, we've consolidated those questions down to the ones that come up most often. We hope this provides you with the insight you need - if not, you can reach out to us at any time with anything we've left out!

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Were Hiring

We're Hiring!

Ambs Call Center is a family owned and operated business. We take great pride in providing our clients with personalized, high-quality telephone answering services. We are a 24/7 privately owned call center. We help our customers communicate better and run their businesses more efficiently.

To accomplish these goals we need to hire and retain talented and motivated individuals in our organization. If you thrive in an environment that values employee development and goal achievement, Ambs Call Center is the place for you!

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We have two telephone answering service locations to serve you anywhere in the United States and Canada. We're located in the friendly Midwestern state of Michigan and in the sunshine state of Florida.

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