With reimbursement heading in the wrong direction, a full schedule of patients is key to success. Ambs Call Center’s automated appointment reminder service makes sure patients show up when they’re scheduled.

It will virtually pay for itself in a matter of days by allowing your staff members to provide clinical care and other important services for your patients. As your practice embraces lean process, automated appointment reminders are the logical next step to improving your practice’s performance and profits.

Why use Automated Appointment Reminders?

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Reduce labor and telephone costs
  • Eliminate postage expense from mailing reminder cards
  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiency by eliminating manual calls
  • Increase profits by having a full schedule

How Appointment Reminder Service Works

Simply upload the file from your EMR or scheduling program (no special formatting needed) and the ReminderManager will contact patients via their preferred method. You receive real-time reports in your appointment reminder web portal.

Telephone Appointment Reminder

Professionally recorded customized greetings by real people sound great, not robotic, and are easy for patients of all ages to understand.

Example message: “Hello, this is Jane from Dr. Jones’ office calling to remind you of your appointment with us on Tuesday at 1 p.m. Please press 1 to confirm your appointment, press 2 if you would like us to call you back and reschedule your appointment, or press 3 in order to hear this message again. Thank you and have a great evening.”

Text Appointment Reminder

Text messaging is fast becoming a preferred form of patient communication. It’s a great enhancement to your practice’s offerings to patients. Text messaging can often yield faster and better results for appointment confirmation. When patients text back to confirm, the ReminderManger receives their response and updates the results in real time on the appointment reminder web portal.

Email Appointment Reminder

The ReminderManager sends a professional branded email to the patient. They can confirm from within the email by clicking on a link which updates your reports in real time. Your staff will not receive incoming emails from patients regarding the reminders—it is completely managed by our ReminderManager.

Smartphone App

Once downloaded, a patient can be alerted via push notifications on their mobile device. The app allows patients to add their appointments directly to their calendar. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Real-Time Reporting

You can view call results in real time as they happen online, including who was contacted, who confirmed, and who cancelled.

Reports can be sorted by provider, office, or location. The daily schedule of every provider is available from the portal. This real-time information enables you to adjust your schedule and fill canceled appointments as needed.