A missed call is a missed order! In today’s 24/7 world people expect to be able to place an order any time day or night. Our inbound sales and order taking service can make it happen for you!  We have a talented, award-winning team at your disposal to take your telephone orders.

Order Taking Options to Fit Your Needs

Whatever your inbound sales and order taking needs are we have you covered. If you need a simple cost effective option our simple order taking service is a great option to consider. Have something a little more in depth? Our high-volume order taking just might be the perfect fit.

Simple Order Taking

Inbound sales and order takingThe perfect solution for being able to take orders around the clock without breaking the bank. If you expect less than 100 calls per day this is the best option for you.

It gives you a cost-effective option to make sure you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

What to expect with Simple Order Taking:

  • Orders are taken within our order entry software and securely delivered to you.
  • Single product orders taken on your web site.
  • Basic product awareness.
  • This is a great option for selling up to 5 different types of products.

High-Volume Order Taking

High volume order takingGetting ready to set the world on fire with your new product line? We’re ready to help you buy that private island that you’ve had your eye on.

The greater the number of calls that you receive, the more specialized we can be for you. If you expect 100 or more calls per day, high-volume order taking is a great option for you.

What to expect with High-Volume Order Taking:

  • Orders taken within our software or your website
  • Deeper product knowledge
  • Enhanced reporting

Converting phone calls to orders is the name of the game. Our inbound sales and order taking service will help maximize your marketing budget.  We’ll work to make sure your marketing efforts have the payback you’re looking for.