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Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare
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By: Aaron Boatin on September 26th, 2013

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Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare

Regulation & Compliance | How Answering Services Work

Protect PHI with our Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare app

Standard texting on cell phones and alpha/text pagers is not HIPAA compliant. Our secure text messaging for healthcare app is the perfect solution as it allows you to receive HIPAA compliant text messages using our smartphone app.

 It also features ‘One Button Check-In’ which allows staff to acknowledge they have received the call without having to speak to one of our agents. This saves time, money and improves response time to patients. Faster response can have a big impact on patient satisfaction scores.

Ambs Call Center’s Startel Secure Messaging offers compliance, privacy, and sender/receiver authentication and uses 256-bit encryption which exceeds compliance standards. Secure text messaging for healthcare

Additional Secure Text Messgaing Benefits

  • One Button Check-In saves you time and money
  • Know when your message was delivered and read
  • Free secure messaging between devices
  • It works on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices including tablets
  • Save money by eliminating pagers

Interested in learning more? Our team would be happy to help, please call at at (800)968-1181 or let is know when it would be convenient for you to have our team contact you.Get Information and Pricing

About Aaron Boatin

Aaron Boatin is President of Ambs Call Center, a virtual receptionist and telephone answering service provider. His passion is helping clients' businesses succeed. Melding high tech with high touch to provide the best customer service experience for clients is his core focus.

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