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Providing world-class service while reducing your costs
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By: Emma Skygeberg on March 15th, 2012

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Providing world-class service while reducing your costs

Customer Service | Executive's Corner


With a Workforce Management System you can optimize your schedules and make sure you have sufficient staff available with the right skills at the right time, according to the service levels you have defined.

Keeping service level targets is important whether you take calls for your own business, or if your business is taking calls for other businesses. Failing in service offering results in dissatisfied customers and lost business. With the right scheduling, you will improve your service and your customer experience.

Why Use a Workforce Management System?

Improving customer experience is just one of many advantages with a Workforce Management System. A WFM system also helps you save administrative time. You can usually save on an average 50% of the time you spend on manually creating schedules.
As an employee it is important to feel that you can influence your working hours.

A WFM system would allow you to do just that, by using preferred working hours and granting agent requests, so you can actually take employee preferences into account without affecting the quality of your final schedule. This will make sure that also your employees are satisfied with their schedules.

A workforce management system minimizes overstaffing and will give you the right staffing to keep your customers happy. Customer analyses show a general saving of 10% on payroll by implementing a WFM system, which easily brings you an ROI within 6 months from implementation. To benefit from implementing a WFM system, you need to have a least 15 full time agents working in your contact center.Link to  

About Emma Skygeberg

Emma Skygeberg is President of Loxysoft, one of the leading Scandinavian vendors of contact center workforce management, telemarketing and WFM solutions. They help enterprises to optimize their customer service improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity and sales. She is a goal-oriented business leader with a passion for work and a strong will to succeed. Brings energy and motivation to the team.

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